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Player & Parent YPSL Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Youth Premier Soccer League (YPSL). We hope to see your club team registered for the upcoming season soon!

The YPSL has been specifically created for players of all abilities and backgrounds that are looking for balanced competition throughout the soccer league season. The administrative support of the largest amateur women's league in the world, the Women's Premier Soccer League (WPSL), allows for us to keep cost down while applying a structured "conference" based playing format.

The idea is to have teams placed in one of our four conferences; METRO, COLONIAL, EVERGREEN, VALLEY and scheduling games within that conference. The top two (2) teams in each age group and in each conference go to the end of season play-offs. Winners of their play-off games will attend the championship weekend named the "Day of Champions". The season will last 8-10 weeks with a "rain-date" and our Day of Champions built into the final schedule. 

"...we believe that competition enables growth and development for all our players..."

Player Resource - Registration

There are critical steps to follow in order for players to participate in the YPSL.

STEP I:  Club teams MUST register first BEFORE players can register. Your club Team Administrator (TA) will need to accomplish this before players can be placed on the game roster.

STEP II: Once team registration is completed by your TA, he/she will provide you and your teammates with a YPSL TEAM CODE. The team code is exclusive to your team and MUST be entered correctly into the system when you register. This team code will automatically place you on the team active roster. 

STEP III: Now it's time for you to register! Here is a quick tutorial video from TeamLinkt to help you get this done quickly. 
Player Registration Tutorial Video

You will need the following to properly register to play on your team:

  • Proof of Birth (i.e., passport, birth certificate)
  • Full Name:
  • Legal/Parent Address:
  • Phone Number (Parents):
  • Email Address (Parents)
  • Team Code (Provided by TA)
  • Payment $20
  • YPSL Release of Liability Agreement must be printed, filled-out with your team's name, your printed name, both parent/player signatures and given to your Team Administrator prior to your 1st league game of the season.
  • YPSL Player Code of Conduct must be printed, discussed with parents, signed and given to your Team Administrator prior to your 1st league game of the season.

    NOTE: there is a $20 fee (+ credit card fees) to register and it's applied towards your insurance with US Club SOCCER. Payment MUST be applied for registration to be complete.

Player Resource - Uniforms/Gear

Proper uniforms and gear are part of playing in any league. The YPSL requires that each team have a "home" and "away" uniform with the following:

  • Numbers on back of jersey
  • Numbers can start 00 through 99 and MUST be adhered permanently to the jersey
  • Home team choses uniform colors if a uniform conflict is presented
  • Each uniform must display their official club/team logo either on the sleeve or left/right chest
  • Sponsored advertising is allowed if it does not block any of the above
  • Uniform number MUST match your number on the PLAYER GAME DAY ROSTER

    NOTE: all players are required to wear shin guards and cleats. Referee's will not let you play without them.

    If your team is looking for quality uniforms our partner may be able to help! Click here