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YPSL Conference Delegates

The YPSL relies on our Conference Delegates to manage their individual conference teams while acting as liaisons between the YPSL and member clubs. Our Conference Delegates together act as an Advisory Committee to the YPSL making recommendations to the league on needed improvements and growth management. Conference Delagates must have at minimum one (1) team within their conference and must serve for the entire season. 


Conference Delegate Name Email/Phone Numner Club        
Evergreen Richard Eaton PSA-Ashburn


Conference Delegates Job Description/Requirements:


Job Description

  • Assist Conference Team Administrators in handling the administrative duties for their individual teams
  • Assist in communicating with Team Administrators regarding YPSL policies, team registration procedures and deadlines
  • Play an active role within their conference to ensure all rescheduled games are played and scores recorded
  • Ensure that all teams in their conference relate all questions and concerns to them especially issues to be addressed during the YPSL Annual General Meeting
  • Participate actively during the AGM as a representative of their conference
  • Ensure that all game scores in their conference are confirmed as posted
  • Work with other Conference Delegates ensuring all conferences stay balanced and competitive

  • Must pass background check and provide proof of completing SafeSports certification
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office including; Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Two seasons as club team administrator preferred