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Oct 19 2022

YPSL Assists in Referee Cert’s

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As the referee shortage reaches a critical stage and becomes a challenging obstacle across the country the YPSL will work together for the foreseeable future with the Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program in certifying new referees.

Andy Vera, YPSL Director of League Operations said this, “more and more clubs are finding themselves with no officiating help at their league games…we want to ensure that we slowly begin to rebuild this critical component in keeping our kids safe and well educated.”

One of the biggest complaints from referees is the current environment being created by hostile players, coaches and parents. For this reason, the YPSL has put down very strict repercussions for any and all attacks on league referees. These repercussions are in forms of financial fines to suspensions and even expulsion from the YPSL.

Andy Vera summed up the relationship with the Metro DC-Virginia State Referee Program this way, “we look forward to the state referee program in ensuring that our young referees have a safe environment to apply the rules of the game.”

For more information on the next YPSL sponsored referee certification course Click Here!

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