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Jul 8 2022

Flagship DMV-YPSL Prepares for Inaugural Season

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The YPSL was created on four (4) pillars of success; fair-play, conference play structure, showcasing the competitive spirit of all our participants and the acquiring of knowledge by our players.

  • Fair-Play is a critical component to the YPSL success as it will work hard to eliminate any type of cheating that occurs due to the lack of oversight. Players will need to register through US Club Soccer a “national organization and member of the United States Soccer Federation that works to develop and support soccer leagues and clubs in the United States”.
  • A conference play structure will allow teams to be grouped together based on geographical distances. Teams from different conferences will play to meet each other at the end of season Day of Champions.
  • The development and showcasing the competitive spirit of our athletes is on the forefront of the YPSL mission and seasonal objectives. It is the YPSL’s hope that all players regardless of playing ability have an opportunity to shine week-to-week during league play.  
  • The YPSL considers itself an educational program that works hand-in-hand with our member clubs. League games are considered opportunities to put in action lessons taught during the week on their clubs’ training pitches. Its our hope to make games part of a seamless educational experience for all our kids.


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