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Jul 5 2022

YPSL Creates Conferences for League Play

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The YPSL has created four (4) Conferences; the Colonial, Metro, Evergreen and Valley conferences as they look ahead to their inaugural season, set for Spring 2023. Andy Vera, Director of League Operations, had this to say, “the hope is to facilitate the scheduling of games within that specific conference, keeping drive times to a minimum for all our local families”. League games will only be played on Saturday(s) but the YPSL will allow teams within a conference to play each other during weekday training times if this is more convenient for our member clubs. This will cut down on “oversaturating” our field space with games each weekend. Games during weekday afternoons will not be mandated but a suggestion to member clubs. Weekday games will be on the seasonal schedule and will be considered official league games.

The YPSL will require all players to register with US CLUB SOCCER prior to any team registering to play in the YPSL. League will require proof of identity and confirm date of birth for each rostered participant as per its Fair Play policy.

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