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Feb 20 2024

King George United Joins YPSL!

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The YPSL “welcomes” another developmentally focused club to our Southern Division in our Mid-Atlantic Conference-King George United! King George (KG) United is another progressive club that seeks to develop our soccer youth by providing them with a challenging and enjoyable soccer program along with structured league play. KG players will continue to develop soccer skills and friendships as well as interpersonal skills while emulating appropriate role models during their 8-10 YPLS league matches. King Goerge United will utilize the YPSL to provide a carefully crafted pathway for players of all ages.

Coaching education is a critical component for King Geroge United as all their coaches are required to hold coaching licenses at the State and National levels. KG Club Founder, Amine El Hachimi, said this, ”as a club we search for coaches with the highest skills and values…as they are critical in the education of all our players”.

King George United will be part of the fast-growing Mid-Atlantic Conference this coming spring 2024 season in the 2014-2018 age groups!

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